January 10th 2013 started off as a regular Thursday, however, this day turned out to be the start of something extraordinary. When the clock struck 20:04 eight different sugar flavors were united and together they formed the ultimate sugar bomb – The Sugar Collective. Together The Sugar Collective started experimenting and searching for the best way to provide the maximal sugar rush. The Sugar Collective succeeded and left their audience with a lusty sugar addiction.

Members of TSC:

Kamilla Halid
Emelie Cederskär
Lovisa Widerberg
Sanna Emilsson
Karin Hellqvist
Alexandra Sambor
Marlene Lindahl

The group members’ paths were crossed when they attended Jennie Widegrens education together. The education formed eight strong individuals with knowledge and strengths within different areas and styles of dance. Versatility has therefore become the main matter that makes The Sugar Collective stand out from the masses. Prepare yourselves for a massive sugar rush.